12/3/17 - Finished testing tonight. We are ready to run! Please check our schedule page.

11/26/17 - The lights are being setup and we should be up and running soon.

2016 - I apologize but we are not able to run the show this year. Time slipped away and we were not able to get things setup in time. Hopefully we will be able to run the show next year. Please check back for the 2017 season. Merry Christmas!

12/21/15 - If you are planning on coming by this week, please check our schedule page before heading this way. They are calling for rain all week. Depending on the conditions we might not be able to run the show or we might have to shut it down early.

12/16/15 - After a mad scramble I believe we are ready for the weekend. I'll be running/testing the show tonight and tomorrow night and plan on the regular schedule for this weekend. Thank you for your patience. Check our schedule page for show times.

12/13/15 - Whew! What a year this has been. Due to "life" I am really running behind. However, I'm getting close to having the show ready. I am truly sorry that it is not ready yet. Please check back as I will post an update as soon as things are ready. Hopefully the show will be in full swing this weekend.

12/25/14 - I apologize for those that came by and found that the show was not running tonight. Something happened in the software and prevented the show from running. I am in process of correcting the issue. Sorry.

12/2/14 - I believe we are ready! Check our schedule page for show times.

11/26/14 - We are getting close! Hope to do some testing this weekend and if all goes well we will hopefully be able to start the show next week. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

12/9/13 - If you come by tonight I am currently having some delay issues in the software. I am working to remedy the problem but currently there are very long pauses between the songs. Not sure yet if it is a software or hardware issue. I apologize and hopefully I can get it worked out soon. If you already came by and left I apologize for the inconvenience.

12/7/13 - We are up and running for 2013. Please check our schedule page.

12/6/13 - Finally got everything up and ran a test run tonight. Weather permitting we will officially start the show tomorrow. Please check our schedule page.

11/19/13 - We are running a little behind this year but have started putting things together. We hope to be up and running after Thanksgiving. Check back as we will post our schedule soon.

12/25/12 - I apologize to those that came by tonight and found the show was not running.  Upon returning home, I discovered that my computer had crashed. Therefore the show was not running. It looks like a new PC may be in my future. If the weather (and my computer) cooperates, I'll try running the show later this week. Check our schedule as I will try to keep it updated. Merry Christmas!!

12/22/12 - We should be back up and ready to go for tonight. Please check our schedule.

12/21/12 - Unfortunately, I will be unable to run the show again tonight due to the wind.

12/20/12 - Sorry, there will be no show running tonight due to the high wind and rain.

12/17/12 - The show will be running tonight but will be down a few channels due to some issues. Please check our schedule.

12/11/12 - Looks like we are back in business. Check the schedule for show times.

12/10/12 - Sorry - I had to shut down the show tonight. After it started running, I had a controller go out. It was probably due to the rain. I will work on it and hopefully get it back up and running for tomorrow.

12/2/12 - I was able to get a new song in the rotation - Christmas with a capital C.

12/1/12 - We are up and running. Check our schedule for show times.

12/1/12 - We're almost ready!! I will be testing today and if all goes well we will start the show tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

12/25/11 - I am so sorry if you came by tonight and the lights were not running. I came home and found that they were not running and the computer had crashed. I apologize and hopefully they will be back up and going tomorrow night. Merry Christmas!!

12/8/11 - Made some repairs and ran some test - looks like we are ready to start up the show again. Check our schedule for dates/times.

12/6/11 - Sorry I had to shut the show down early tonight due to technical issues. A controller shut down on me. Hopefully it is nothing major and I can get it back up and running later this week.

12/2/11 - We finally have things ready. I think we have everything repaired from the wind/rain storms that came through. I ran the show through a test tonight and we will officially start running tomorrow evening!

11/28/11 - Almost ready! We were real close until the storms came through last night and today. Several displays have been knocked down and/or damaged by the winds. Hopefully I can get things fixed in time for this weekend. Stay tuned.

12/19/10 - Finished programming Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 by by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight. It is now downloaded and included in the show - enjoy!

12/17/10 - Just added a couple of arches to the show. Come by and check them out.

12/10/10 - If you came by during the first hour of the show tonight I apologize as I just realized that several sections of lights were unplugged so I'm sure the show looked a little "strange". Everything is back up and going now.

11/28/10 - We are up and running. Please check our schedule page for show times.

12/24/09 - I apologize for not having things back up and going yet. It has been a crazy week. The bottom of our road is still a little messy. Plus with the snow banks on either side, it is tough for two way traffic right now. I plan on running the lights into January - especially since we lost some time due to the storm. So, check back after Christmas as I will post the updated schedule. In the mean time, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

12/21/09 - Sorry I was unable to update the schedule earlier - we just got our power back on. We will probably not have the show running tonight as we are still a little busy getting things back to "normal" - plus not to many people will be able to make it up the road. Please check back and hopefully we will be able to get things back up starting tomorrow night.

12/18/09 - Due to the heavy snow, we will not be running the show tonight. Please be safe.

12/9/09 - Sorry - due to the high winds, which have taken down a few of our displays, we will not be running the show tonight.

12/8/09 - Check out Foxhouselights on WLOS News 13 tonight at 11:00pm and also in the morning. You can click here to view the video or go to the "video" section of our site.

12/6/09 - Whew! I apologize for the delay in getting the show up this year. We are now up and running!! Please check our Schedule page for show times. I hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

12/24/08 - The Fox House has been featured on WRAL's Tar Heel Traveler with Scott Mason. You can click here to view the video or go to the "video" section of our website.

12/12/08 - I have had a few people ask about leaving comments in regards to the show on our website, therefore, I set up a Guest Book area. You can click here to leave us a message or click the link on the left. We look forward to hearing what you like about the show.

11/28/08 - We are up and running. Please check our schedule page for show times. I have some new songs and features that I will be adding as time allows. Enjoy!11/18/08 - It is almost that time of year again! I'm hard at work trying to get things set up. I hope to add a few different songs and features as time allows. Once things are up and going I will begin posting the schedule - so check back soon.

12/21/07 - Just in time for Christmas. A few NEW features have been added! The Foxhouse has begun to talk. Thats right, the Foxhouse has come alive and wants to share a few things with you. She even needs YOUR help with part of the show. Come on by and hear for yourself.

12/16/07 - I apologize for the hiccup tonight. The wind pulled a few of my anchors up. However,  I was able to get them fixed. The show is back up and running.

12/10/07 - I added the above video showing one of the songs from this year. Make sure to stop by as the are several more songs in the show.

11/30/07 - All the lights are up and going. I was also able to get the nativity sequence put in the show. I put together a sequence that uses some audio from Charlie Brown's Christmas and works in my nativity set. I hope you like it.

11/24/07 - I finally have the show (for the most part) up and running. I have added a few new features this year - one being a large tree to the right of the house. I am also still working on one feature that I hope to have going before Christmas. I will keep you posted. Please check the schedule page as I will be posting dates and times shortly. You can also go to the Directions page to see were we are located and get driving directions. Hope you have a chance to come by.

12/06 - After much complaining from my three sons for not putting up Christmas lights in 2005, I decided to put some up this year. However, being the gadget person that I am, I could not just "put" up lights. I had to do something a little different.
After a little planning, I decided to automate and sync the lights to music. I had originally planned to do a bunch of songs, however, I wound up with six for this year (the programming takes more time than I planned for).

Above is a video I shot showing one of the songs. I apologize about the quality - it is not the best but it will give you an idea. I will try to get a better video on the site soon.

If you did not get a chance to come by and see the lights this year, I am sure to have them going again in 2007 (hopefully with a few new additions). I will also utilize this website to add a schedule for the showings. This way, you can check and make sure we are up and running prior to driving by.

Merry Christmas!
Fox House Lights
Leicester's premier Dancing Christmas Light Display
Fully synchronized and choreographed to the sounds of the season!
Celebrating Christmas in Western North Carolina since 2006
Be sure to turn up your audio!
I apologize for the poor quality as I shot the video with my phone.
If the video is not displaying correctly in the above window, please click the link below:
Click here to view it on YouTube.

Sponsored by:
The Fox House has been featured on WRAL's Tar Heel Traveler with Scott Mason. Click here to view the video.

The Fox House was featured in the CITIZEN-TIMES and on WLOS News 13.

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